Juliet Masilela

Juliet Phuthi Masilela is a Performance and Leadership Coach, a training and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about teaching, mentoring and coaching individuals, teams and organisations about leadership, personal transformation, and personal development while helping them discover and unlock their potential.
Prior becoming a performance and leadership coach she spent almost a decade serving individuals, families and communities as a qualified social worker mainly focusing on counselling, mental health issues, addictions, self-image and relationship counselling. Juliet is multi-skilled and has worked in different sectors which include government, private and non-profit organisations. She has a heart for people and desires to see people living their best lives. Having had opportunities to work with people of different ages from diverse backgrounds has shaped her to embrace the truth that human beings possess unlimited ability to lead and transform themselves even when faced with impossible situations.

She firmly believes that people are seeded with greatness and limitless potential which has to be unlocked by helping them to discover and embrace what they already possess. Juliet believes that undiscovered and undeveloped potential leads to a frustrated life, loss of identity, loss of self-worth, mediocre lifestyles accompanied by different kinds of poverty. She believes that discovered and developed potential leads to self-discovery, self-leadership, total tranquility spirit, soul and body which produces a thriving and purpose driven life.
Juliet is gifted with the ability to encourage and motivate herself and others, she enjoys writing and is passionate about public speaking as it helps in her journey of self-discovery and personal development while helping others discover themselves. She obtained her Honours degree in Social Work at the University of South Africa and also obtained a Higher Certificate in Financial Management from the Tshwane South College. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Public Administration and Communication Science at the University of South Africa.

Life stance:

  • It is possible only when you believe it is.
  • Thriving begins on the inside then the outside not the other way round.
  • Human potential is limitless, it is limited by limiting mindsets and
  • beliefs.

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