Chantelle Coetzee

I am currently a 3rd-year SAICA trainee at a small/medium-sized accounting and auditing firm in Centurion. I have substantial experience in auditing and accounting as well as experience in managing and leading a team.
I consider myself to be business-led and people-driven and feel that I have a good understanding of the synergy between the two. Where leaders neglect the human element, they are holding back their companies and stifling company growth and individual success and fulfillment. Living our purpose is key to living a fulfilled life and as mentioned above I am people-driven and have always had a passion for people and a desire to help individuals become the best versions of themselves, both in a personal and professional capacity.

My statement in life is:

“If you can’t be a pencil to write someone’s Dream then be an eraser to remove their Fear and Self-doubt.”