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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” 


Our Coaching Programmes

Our Coaching Programmes are developed to create conversation and process that brings transformation. 

We have seen the damage done by consultants- Who come into an organisation, Think they have all the answers, create unsustainable solutions and leave. Billion sos Dollars have been spent in Consulting and Training that has just failed. We need to do things differently. And we believe that the solutions to the problems that organisations face today are within their people. The sad reality is most organisations dont create environments of trust and safety to allow the creativity within their people to be tapped into . 

As Leadership Coaches we facilitate processes, that gently guide but relentlessly challenge limiting and outdated belief systems that creates and expansive area and opportunities for change.

No two workplaces are the same and we cannot use generic, one size fits all programming, and with that we have spend time developing our programmes to suit organisational specific needs.

Take a look at a list of our programmes here:

Leadership Development 

No organisation will grow beyond its leadership abilities. Each and every person in the organisation is a leader and we focus on this development. 

Boards that Lead

Corporate Governance that builds value.  (more) 

Values, Passion and Purpose

Putting Life Makers First(more) 

The Good to Great Organisational Framework

Creating an Organisational Culture (purpose, values, behaviours )that promotes Productivity. (more) 

The Leader of Leaders 

Strengthen personal leadership capacity to develop high performing leadership teams and create pathways to success. (more) 

The Adaptable Leader

Become a Leader who inspires and persuade others to want more, be more and have more. (more)

Speaking for Influence 

Learn the art of connecting and building your rapport with others. There is only one thing standing in your way – your ability to Influence. (more) 

High Performing Teams

Teams drive organizational progress, yet forming and leading high-performance teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader. (more) 

Strategic Persuation Skills

Inside organizations, soft skills are the hardest skills. Relationships and credibility are on the line in every interaction, and your power to positively influence others is one of your most important assets. Even if you have brilliant ideas, they can’t change the world unless you can sell them to others. (more) 

Born to Win

Personal development programme to Unlock Entry Level Leaders . (more) 

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers 

“Line managers are increasingly expected to coach staff and can have a powerful influence on their teams and the organisation as a whole when they adopt a coaching style of management. (more)

Entrepreneurship Development 

Unstoppable Business Programme 

Your One Year Business Coaching programme that takes you through the Business Building RoadMap of Success. (more)