Entreprenuer Strengths Test

Entrepreneurship is the art of turning an IDEA into a CUSTOMER.

From extensive global research, we have found that there are 10 drivers of entrepreneurial success. Discovering whether these drivers are present in your own life will increase the odds of your venture success.

If you are looking for insights into your behaviors that drive business outcomes, this assessment will be your guide to grow your business.

Evaluating yourself on the 10  business building drivers will give you awareness and insights on developing your entrepreneurial growth plan. It will identify potentials strength areas and potential partnership areas where you can partner for weaknesses. which will increase your odds of success tremendously.

We hope that this assessment will give you the insight you need into how to grow and nurture your key entrepreneurial drivers to help you achieve your full potential.

1.You know yourself well.
2.You have a strong personality which is sometimes described as charismatic and confident.
3.You imagine beyond the boundaries of what exists today.
4.You have a clear, strong voice and speak boldly on behalf of your company.
5.You are profit-orientated.
6.You seek knowledge that is relevant to growing your venture.
7.You depend on yourself to get the job done.
8.You push to achieve more and have an incredible work ethic.
9.You understand that you cannot do everything by yourself to grown the business, so you are good at delegating
10.You have a high social awareness and can read people.
11.You clearly understand others.
12.You show enthusiasm and emotion in taking on challenges.
13.You like exploring options and think your way through problems.
14.You have the ability to make a good business case and people follow your decisions.
15.You establish clear goals and objectively measures progress towards the goal.
16.You push yourself to acquire in-depth information about every aspect of their business
17.You have a strong sense of responsibility.
18.You instigate the action to get something started.
19.You can readily delegate authority and responsibility.
20.You can attract and maintain a constituency.
21.You build trust and invest in people.
22.You have a highly optimistic perception of risk.
23.You are constantly thinking of creating new products and/or services for your customers.
24.You communicate your vision of your company to employees and customers.
25.You judge the vale of an opportunity, a relationship or decision by its effect on business.
26.You have a preoccupation of your business that borders on obsession.
27.You can handle multiple tasks effectively.
28.You are eager to make decisions and quick to act.
29.You can proactively collaborate with others.
30.You enjoy building mutually beneficial relationships.
31.You are able to articulate the competitive of your company in the market place.
32.You can easily make decisions in complex decisions.
33.You have a mind that is typically firing with many different ideas.
34.You have a clear growth strategy.
35.You invest time in planning growth strategies.
36.You anticipate knowledge needs and use knowledge well.
37.You are resolute, with a high level of competence in every aspect of managing a business.
38.You confront obstacles directly and overcome them.
39.You recognise and draw on people’s special abilities.
40.You forge relationships with employees and customers that go beyond work or products or services.
41.You align employees activities with their individual strengths, leading to business growth.
42.You can easily establish an emotional connection with customers and understand customer needs.
43.You are curious and a quick learner.
44.You are persuasive and can easily influence others.
45.You align employee responsibilities with company goals.
46.You gather an incredible amount of information and store every new face, fresh piece of data, and new experience in your mental library.
47.You autonomously set goals and take action to achieve them.
48.You persistent and undeterred by failure and/or roadblocks.
49.You help ensure that team members become effective contributors to the company.
50.You use your relationships to access internal and external resources.

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