Rikha Aaron

“Optimizing life’s seasons – To get the full potential of life’s seasons”

Change is natural and most would describe it as gradual. This is true for most part of my life however there were three drastic changes that redirected and gave me a different lease on life.

In the year 1990, I got married and had my first beautiful baby girl. This was my first drastic life change, accepting my new role as a wife and mother, this was overwhelming but rewarding.  I was surprised to see how easily I fell into this role.  In August 1996, my second daughter was born embedding my role as a mother deeper within me.  I found comfort and more joy than I had ever known.  A month later was my last drastic change, my husband passed away.  This threatened my foundation that I had built for myself and my kids.  My role went from just a mother to being a mom and dad.  I was left to make decisions that I never thought I would have to and I was therefore completely unprepared.   Having no time to morn and no guidance or mentorship, I pushed my feelings aside and concentrated on my children and what was best for them.   I went back to studying and a got a secretarial diploma.

 I then moved from Durban to Pretoria so that I could start a job and take care of my family.  I am currently working as a process controller at a South African power utility company.  I have 15 years of experience in Customer Services and I have been training users on the systems that we use.

Once my financial foundation was built, I then had time to emotionally deal with my husband’s passing.  I would therefore like to be a helping hand to other widows.  The reason that I joined the Leadership academy is so that I could learn how to coach, mentor, motivate and encourage others like me.  I would like to help them through the transition period whilst bringing out their strengths to overcome the daily challenges of life.