Leadership & Performance Coaching

The Leadership Academy SA offers a full suite of Executive Leadership and Performance Coaching services designed to help business professionals achieve success and improve performance outcomes.

Our highly trained Leadership & Performance Coaches have worked with some of the world’s most successful leaders and managers to help them develop and master their natural talents to enhance Individual, Team & Organizational Performance.

From Professional & Leadership Development to Optimizing Team Dynamics & Performance, our coaching services provide a full range of opportunities to suit your needs:

  • Developing the Leader Within
  • Own your Influence
  • Communication Success
  • Relationships Success
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Building Trust
  • Team Effectiveness and Tapping into Collective Intelligence
  • Prioritization and Time Managment
  • Delegation
  • Manager/Leader Coaching for Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

Everybody Needs a Coach

You need a coach to get the most out of what you naturally do best. Our Coaches specialize in helping others turn their talents into strengths to overcome obstacles, improve performance and accomplish their goals. Leadership Coaching can help you with:

  • Purpose and life calling and matching to vocation
  • Personal Effectiveness and Outstanding Performance
  • Team dynamics and Team Effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Leadership development

With the personalized guidance from a Leadership Academy SA Coach, business professionals can refine their vision and explore alternative ways to achieve their goals, improve their effectiveness and lead others using their talents. They will experience a sense of empowerment and ownership of their future, increased personal and team engagement and satisfaction, and advances in performance for themselves and their teams.