Extraordinary Advantage

For the past four years, we have studied and trained people on the “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by Dr. John C Maxwell. We have seen that our mindset either sets us up for Success or for Failure. How we think is invaluable to our Growth and our Maximising potential -we call this our “Extraordinary Advantage”

Growth is a fundamental desire of all human beings. No matter what kinds of goals you have or what you strive for, whatever you want to see in your life that’s not there now is about growth.

Growth is at the root of everything that gives us a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, meaning, and progress.

Yet sometimes people do stop growing. We all have images we can call to mind. 

Examples include:

  • lost opportunities, that we keep replaying in our mind
  • the retiree who drives their spouse crazy because they don’t know what to do now that they are no longer working
  • people who got stuck in a job they don’t like,
  • people whose life consists of clocking in and out day after day at a dead end job, going home, selling and then doing it all over again.

There are examples of people who have stopped growing temporarily or indefinitely. There are growth traps, things like money, applause, rewards, comfort, and even a brilliant past can be quite seductive. If these means to growth begin to overshadow purpose, performance, contribution, confidence and the sense of a bigger future -things that drive growth – they can quickly undermine your ability to keep growing in the future.

We have listed a few of the laws of growth. These have been developed and tested by Dr John C Maxwell our Mentor and we have we have found that aligning your behaviours with these laws gives you more control over your own future, which allows you to increase your freedom and self-determination. It also places the responsibility for your own growth squarely on your own shoulders. You can choose to engage with life in this way or not. Life presents us with opportunities to grow almost constantly, so when you make growth a central goal, life will always appear to be full of opportunity.

As you become more growth orientated in your behaviour and thinking, and you begin to experience how this impacts your life and the lives of others, it becomes increasingly clear that  you have an extraordinary advantage over others. and the rewards of this approach greatly outweigh its challenges. 

The desire to grow is nothing less that the love of existence – a passion for being here and a deep desire to fully explore life. When you commit to aligning your actions with the principles embedded in these laws, you also commit to making the the most of the life you have been given -all of it. 

And, after all, what greater gift could you possibly give to yourself, or to the world, than that?

What does growth mindset look like in the real world? What’s the best way to get started with your growth mindset revolution? One way is to identify where you may have fixed mindset tendencies so that you can work to become more growth minded. We all live on a continuum, and consistent self-assessment helps us become the person we want to be.